Burnin Rubber 3 racing game

Outstanding graphics and unlimited thrill, this is Burnin Rubber 3!

Burnin Rubber 3

In Burnin Rubber 3 you start by selecting a continent and the type of race you are about to play. Each city comes with a few different tracks and the goal differs from race to race. The directional keys are used for steering and accelerating and the Z and X keys are used for firing weapons, if you have any. There are two game modes: world domination and daily challenge. If you want to spend a couple of hours playing, you should pick world domination and start winning races from all over the world. As you advance in Burnin Rubber 3 you will unlock new cars, weapons and body kits. The daily challenge mode is more of a simple race with a clear goal and prize. The cash you earn at the end of each level can be used for purchasing new cars or for improving your current vehicle. The game is saved automatically, so you can always return and continue playing. You can take a look at the stats whenever you want and see how many of the 16 cars you've unlocked, how many races you've completed and other statistics.

When it comes to gameplay, Burnin Rubber 3 is easy to play and the only thing that might stand in the way of victory is losing control of your car. If you hit too many obstacles, it might explode and you will have to start over.